Android 11 Must Have

Android 11Android 11

Android 11 is coming soon and while we have no idea what features it will bring, there are certain features Android 11 must-have!


11 is coming to Google is obviously working on it and while we have no idea.

what the future will bring it often features of an 11 musk Drake and eleven present in custom skins like me you are really.

you are awesome what do you want you to know if you’re using any of these games are to get ready f underrated features of iOS

the system level Andrew keeping this on the screen to a new text swipe right with three fingers to redo that I like I said it works.

Trust me when I say that it’s a super useful feature at 11 must bring Android and indicate if

I wasn’t in any other Android skin so yeah 11 speak feature on Earth 11 Mustang is an airdrop like Ross device by Jean Michel Foucault shed and we will share which work with each other just like a drop and as you can see this works really well

Android 11 upcoming

it’s high time an 11 had to speak to do and looks like it did not make it by sharing this when he was brutal to initiate a handshake do devices and then transfer files over the direct Wi-Fi connection to the music. Mode finally arrived you know what that’s means missing the ability to schedule. More every other skin bring the option to automatically turn off at sunrise this option to send you a different kind of devices should be present in an 11 Google remind me every single app of yours and whole body app has a dark mode and you also some nice wallpapers that

I just different skins does he wear an app that lets you schedule the dark Motors stock Android devices make sure that every single app of yours and hurt by the app has a. Moore and you’re also some nice wallpapers.

Android 11 upcoming


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